Irish Mexican Chamber

The Irish Mexican Chamber has its origins in an initiative established in the early 1990s by a group of Irish and Mexican business people who actively promoted trade relationships between the two nations. During this time, the Irish European Chamber of Commerce (IECM) championed numerous high level events and highly successful trade missions to Ireland and Mexico.

Today, the Irish Mexican Chamber is not-for-profit membership organization, registered with the Ministry of Economy (SE) in 2018. IMC Board includes CEOs, founders, leaders with broad representation of Mexican-LATAM business.

The Irish Mexican Chamber promotes enhanced economic, trade, investment & higher education opportunities between Ireland and Mexico. Builds awareness, and supports networking, advisory & collaboration opportunities for Irish/Mexican member organizations, small, medium or large, seeking market development and growth, and considering Mexico as a business destination and a bridge to Latin America.


To act as a bridge between Mexico and Ireland towards enhancing trade, investment, and educational opportunities.

To provide value for our members and partners with high level in-market business insights.

To create opportunities for networking, collaboration and advocacy.