Gold Membership


For companies with more than 100 employees

  • • Recognition as Member with logo in directory and IMC member materials
  • • IMC Logo for company to include in their website
  • • Reception of IMC web letter (Trimestral)
  • • IMC as a channel for communication of Member news and events. (Emailings, social media, website)
  • • Editorial contribution in IMC newsletter and website
  • • Corporate feature on IMC website
  • • Guest speaker at IMC and associated events (6 anual)
  • • Featured sponsor for IMC related events and activations
  • • Leadership with IMC in ideating and developing marketing activations related to sector events
  • • Invitation to events hosted by EUROCAM and other Chambers in Mexico
  • • Reception of articles, insights and reports related to the European Union and Mexico
  • • Connection with Irish Government Agencies related to International Trade, Services, Tourism Promotion, Investment and Education
  • • Networking opportunities to facilitate high level interactions across Membership
  • • Discounts and promotions available through our discount scheme exclusively for members

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